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Born in Buenos Aires in 1916, Alberto Ginastera was one of the greatest and most influential composers of the 20th Century, representing Argentina and the greater Latin America all around the globe with his musical masterpieces.

With a rich repertoire that covered all musical genres - from numerous virtuosic  solo works to flashy orchestral pieces, folk inspired ballets, avant-garde operas, enchanting chamber music, and a wide range of other ensemble and vocal works -he is still one of the few composers in history to have experienced  major successes in the iconic cultural centers of Latin America, North America, and all across Europe.

Ginastera studied at the conservatory in Buenos Aires, and then extensively with Aaron Copland at the Tanglewood Music Festival. He later became one of the main teachers of Ástor Piazzolla, another Argentine master composer. He died in Geneva in 1983, at the age of 67, but his legacy lives through the magic of his oeuvre.

Project Ginastera aims to inspire interest in the works of this great composers, with hopes that his extensive and impressive catalogue can be experienced by audiences across the globe.  

Project Ginastera
January 2015

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